Monday, May 21, 2012

Borkha Party chief gunned down in Laxmichari
News No. 35/2012, Monday, May 21, 2012

Anil Chakma, the ringleader of the military-backed Borkha Party, was shot dead on 19 May by unidentified gunmen at his home in Laxmichari in Khagrachari district, newspaper reports and other sources said.

The incident took place at about 4am when the gunmen stormed his house at Jurgachari in Laxmichari sub-district headquarters. Two other Borkha members – Shanti Ranjan Chakma and Mohendra Chakma – were injured in the daring attack.

Laxmichari zone commander Lt. Col. AKM Sajedul Haq, UNO Khokon Kanti Shaha, Officer-in-charge of Laxmichari police station Qamrul Islam visited the spot after the attack.

The zone commander provided financial assistance to the families of Anil Chakma and the other two injured, according to Purbokone, a Bengali news daily published from Chittagong.

Commenting on this, a Laxmichari High School teacher, who declined to be named for security reasons, said, ‘The financial grants of the army go a long way to prove that there was a special relationship between the army and the slain Borkha leader Anil Chakma and his gang members.”

“So many UPDF and JSS members have been killed in similar incidents in the last fourteen years, so many innocent people have been victimized, but the army is not known to have provided such assistance to the victims.” he continued.

The Jana Samhati Samiti (Santu faction) claimed that Anil was convenor of its Laxmichari unit, and blamed UPDF for the attack.

However, UPDF denied the allegation.

Previously, Anil Chakma was a member of the UPDF, but he was expelled from the party for his involvement in financial corruption and other scams in 2005.

Later he helped form the Borkha Party under military patronage and took control of its leadership ousting its original ringleader, Nirmal Kanti Chakma.

Anil Chakma and his gang are responsible for the killing of Rui Khoi Marma, a central committee member of the UPDF, and another ex-Borkha Party member in 2011 and kidnapping of 23 people, including 3 UPDF members.

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