Sunday, July 08, 2012

Jumma housewife killed after rape?
News No. 46/2012, Sunday, July 08, 2012

A JUMMA housewife was hacked to dead in Rangamati town on Saturday, newspaper reports and other sources said.

Her name is Boli Mila Chakma, 35, a resident of Suguripada village in Barkal Upazila. She came to Uluchara in Vedvedi area of the town to see a doctor and her daughter who lodges with relatives and studies there.

The police recovered her body from a rivulet in Uluchari, which is inhabited by both Jumma and Bengali people.

Eyewitnesses said her neck bore cut marks.

Though it is not known who is behind the killing, locals believe that she might have been killed after rape by some Bengali youths.

A relative of Boli Mila said, ‘When we were taking rest after our mid-day meals, Boli Mila went down to the river to fetch water. As she was being late, at 1:30pm I searched for her and found her lying dead. Then I informed the police about the incident.’

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