Saturday, August 11, 2012

Santu group kidnaps 20 villagers, releases later
News No. 60/2012, Saturday, August 11, 2012

AN ARMED gang loyal to Santu Larma, president of his faction of the Jana Samhati Samiti, kidnapped 20 villagers from Ukchari Mukh under Subolong Union of Barkal Upazila in Rangamati district, sources said.

The incident happened at 12:30pm yesterday, 10 August. However, they were released a few hours later.

According to sources, the moment the armed gang led by Jongi Chakma and Sujon Chakma raided a tea shop at Ukchari Mukh, some people were on their way back home from Subolong Bazaar on a motorized country boat.

‘The Santu men signaled them to halt and fired 5 – 6 rounds of blank shots to create panic among them.’ an eyewitness, who wished not to be named for security reasons, told

When the boat drew up, the armed men took them away without asking who they were were and from where they were coming.

However, they were released at 3pm through the intervention of the local UP member and other village elders.

It was not known why the Santu loyalists kidnapped the innocent villagers, but the gang asked them to report to it when the UPDF activists would visit their villages, one of the kidnapped villagers told

Six of the kidnappees have been identified. They are Doyal Bindu Chakma, 28, son of Birendra Chakma, Prem Ranjan Chakma, 30, son of Surot Sen Chakma, Nunya Kumar Chakma, 40, Talukya Chakma, Hiron Kumar Chakma, 25, son of late Dibakor Chakma, Shubho Ranjan Chakma, 25, son of Sorod Sen Chakma – all from Petyachari village and Bimol Kanti Chakma, 38, son of Promod Chandra Chakma of North Ukchari village.

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