Saturday, October 13, 2012

UPDF activist killed by Borkha Party in Laxmichari
 News No. 111/2012, Saturday, October 13, 2012

THE army-backed Borkha Party terrorists have killed a UPDF activist after abducting him from North Shuknachari in Laxmichari Upazila under Khagrachari district.

According to sources, four Borkha Party men raided North Shuknachari village in Bormachari Union last night and kidnapped Kalpa Chakma, 19, son of Suresh Kanti Chakma at gun point from the house of Jugesh Chandra Chakma.

His mutilated body, with deep cut marks, was found today at 5pm in a jungle two kilometers away from the village.

He is believed to have been stabbed to death.

The eyewitnesses could recognize two of the Borkha men involved in the kidnapping – Kripa Sukh Chakma and Ripon Chakma.

The Borkha Party, which enjoys the support of the Santu group, is also responsible for the murder of Rui Khoi Marma, a UPDF leader, and another man who had defected from the BP.


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