Thursday, February 14, 2013

Santu group tortures women and children in Rajstali
News No. 22/2013, Thursday, February 14, 2013

AN ARMED gang loyal to Santu Larma tortured two women, a girl and a boy in Rajstali in Rangamati district.

According to sources, a gang of 8 Santu Group men led by Nazilya Tanchangya, 25 of Hara Mogpara village, Holamong Tanchangya, 20, son of Bhushan Tanchangya and Chuti Tanchangya of Doctorpara village last night, at 9pm, raided the house of Rojok Tanchangya alias Rakhel, an active UPDF member, in the village of Noapara and beat his wife Shanti Devi Chakma and a 15-year-old girl Nandita Chakma, a tenth grade student of Rajstali Thaitong Para Government High School, with wooden stick.

Then the gang members proceeded to the house of Sunil Tanchangy, another UPDF activist, in the village of Doctorpara and tortured his wife Rong Sona Tanchangya, 29, their 14-year-old son Rupom Tanchangay, a ninth grade student. They sustained injuries from the beating.

The Santu men threatened them not to move anywhere from the house, so they have been unable to visit a hospital or a doctor.

Many in the area described the torture of the UPDF activists’ family members as an act of political vendetta. ‘What harm did they do to the attackers?’ a villager asked. ‘They have been tortured because their husbands are involved with UPDF politics. This is their only fault.’

Another added: ‘This (torture of the UPDF activists’ families) is nothing but an act of despair and desperation on the part of the Santu group which is losing ground to the UPDF.’

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