Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seven Jumma villagers tortured in Ramgarh
News No. 43/2013,Sunday, April 28, 2013

SEVEN Jumma villagers were tortured by army yesterday on suspicion of their involvement in setting fire to a Bengali settler house in Ramgarh, Khagrachari.

According to sources, on 26 April, Friday, at around 10pm, a small hut in a settler village was set on fire. The settler village is situated near Baishnab Para, a Tripura settlement in Ramgarh Upazila.

After the fire incident, the settlers began shouting and screaming and later a group of army personnel from Sindukchari zone rushed there.

The soldiers rounded up seven Jumma villagers, blindfolded them and tortured them.

The army asked them: “Who had set fire to the hut?” They tortured the villagers to extract forced confession. But the army failed to establish their involvement with the fire incident and released them the same night.

The Jumma villagers said they believe the settlers themselves might have set fire to the hut to find a pretext to launch attack on the their village.

The torture victims are Kanti Kishor Tripura, 30, son of Binoy Kishor Tripura, Keton Kishor Tripura, 28, son of Binoy Kishor Tripura, Ratan Das Tripura, 35, son of Dhananjoy Tripura, Ripon Tripura, 18, son of Shanti Tripura, Ranjan Tripura, 15, son of Kamalanda Tripura, Chitta Das Tripura,
37, son of late Nitananda Das Tripura and Shashi Das Tripura, 35.

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