Sunday, May 12, 2013

Santu group terrorist attack in CU leaves 6 PCP leaders injured
News No. 45/2013, Sunday, May 12, 2013

At least six leaders of the Hill Students’ Council, including its Chittagong University unit convener Simon Chakma, have been injured when Santu Larma-backed terrorists attacked them last night on the Chittagong University campus.

The injured have been admitted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital in a critical condition.

The attack took place a little over midnight last night while members of the Hill Students’ Council’s CU unit were pasting posters on the organization’s 24 year anniversary programmes on 20 May.

The Santu-backed terrorists known as Dui Numberis or fake PCP attacked them with iron rods, machetes and sticks.

Some members of the Bangladesh Chattra League, ruling Awami League’s student wing, also took part in the beating, while the police played the role of happy onlookers.

Jupitar Chakma, a PCP CU unit leader, who was also injured in the attack, said about 12 Dui Numberis had carried out the attack.

The injured also included Tarun Chakma, Rubel Chakma, Sushanta Chakma and Riton Chakma.

This was the third attack on the PCP by Santu-backed terrorists on CU campus.

PCP president Sumen Chakma has condemned the attack and urged the university authority to expel those involved in it. He also demanded that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

He said the failure of the university authority to take measures following the previous attacks had directly contributed to this latest attack.

The PCP leader also called on the general students to rise up against the Dui Numberis and their patron Santu Larma, saying: ‘Enough is enough. We have been driven to the wall. There is no alternative than to resisting the Dui Numberi terrorists.’

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