Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Army arrests and tortures 6 in Kudukchari

News No. 62/2013, Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SIX Jumma villagers, including two women, have been detained and tortured by army in Kudukchari under Rangamati district.

The two women and another man have been released subsequently, but the other three Jummas are still being detained in Kudukchari camp.

According to sources, at 2pm today, a group of army men led by Lt. Col. Khaled Hossain from Kudukchari camp raided two Jumma villages, Kudukchari Purbo Para and Hazachari Pochchim Para, and made the arrests.

The arrested Jummas have been identified as Rajendra Chakma, 35, son of Goyasur Chakma, Swapna Barua, 30, wife of Rajendra Lal Chakma, Gyana Probha Chakma (Jita-ma) wife of Udoy Shankar Chakma, Pavel Chakma, 20, son of Shukra Kumar Chakma Arjun Kumar Chakma, 32, son of Bangallya Chakma and Kala Banshi Chakma, 19, son of Padma Ranjan Chakma.

Of them, Arjun Chakma of Shukorchari village and Kala Banshi Chakma of Hatimara came to Kudukchari Purbo Para to visit their relatives.

The soldiers conducted the raid acting upon a complaint by a Bengali settler that he was manhandled by local Jumma youths in Kudukchari.

The army took the arrested Jumma villagers to the camp and tortured.

UPDF has condemned the arrest and torture of the innocent Jumma villagers and demanded the release of those still being detained in the army camp.

A Jumma villager said the allegation of any Bengali being roughed up is completely false.

Priyo Lal Chakma  a Democratic Youth Forum leader also denied the allegation, saying it (the allegation) was a false pretext to harass and intimidate Jumma villagers.

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