Monday, June 17, 2013

Settlers cut fruit and rubber trees in Ramgarh
News No. 65/2013, Monday, June 17, 2013

THE BENGALI settlers have cut down 150 fruit and rubber trees belonging to Jumma people in Hafchari Union of Ramgarh, Khagrachari district, triggering fresh tensions in the area.

According to sources, the settlers on Sunday night (16 June) cut at least one hundred rubber trees belonging to Kayoshing Marma, a physician, in Boiragi Para and another 50 litchi trees belonging to Chaithoai Chowdhury in Chenguli Para village.

Chaithoai Chowdhury told chtnews that the settlers committed the crime under the cover of darkness.

He said he had informed the Ramgarh Thana and Ramgarh Upazila Nirbahi Officer about the matter. However, no one has been arrested so far.

On 12 June, a Bengali settler stole bamboos from the garden of Aungsa Marma in broad daylight in Pilabhanga village under the same Union, prompting the Jummas to make a strong protest.

The cutting down of trees on Sunday night is the latest example of the settlers’ anti-Jumma hatred in the CHT, a villager said.

The Jumma villagers are angry over the incident and there are much resentment and tensions among them, he added.


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