Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Settlers threaten to blaze Jumma villages in Matiranga

News No. 66/2013, Tuesday, June 18, 2013

THE BENGALI settlers have threatened to burn down Jumma villages in Matiranga, Khagrachari district as they enforce a 72-hour general strike in the three districts of the CHT.

A group of settler pickets gave the threat at Signboard area of Ballyachari in the morning today.

According to sources, a group of 15 - 20 settlers went to Ballyachari School Para and Signboard area and forced the Jummas to shut their shops.

When the Jummas protested at their highhanded behaviour and tried to keep their shops open, the settlers fanned communal tensions and used threats.

The settlers told the Jumma shopkeepers: ‘Don’t go too far; we’ll blaze your houses by night.’

Police remained silent spectator when the settlers were having their field day.

Later army personnel were reinforced and they asked the Jummas to get away from the place.

The army also assured the Jummas that they would bring the situation under control.

Another source said Bengali settlers in Muslim Para, Goia Para, Chor Para, Adarsha Gram and Natun Para, in separate meetings on Monday night, had decided to mount attacks on Jumma villages at the end of their 72-hour strike.

The Jummas are now living in fear and anxiety, the source added.


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