Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tensions in Ramgarh as settler trespasses on Jumma land
News No. 63/2013, Wednesday, June 12, 2013

TENSIONS are running high among the Jumma villagers in Ramgarh as a Bengali settler entered a land belonging to a Jumma and cut down bamboos violating a court order.

According to sources, at round 9am today, Md. Iqbal son of late Dud Mia entered the land of Aungsa Marma, 60, in the village of East Pilabhanga under Hafchari Union of Ramgarh Upazila in Khagrachari district.

He then cut down bamboos violating a court order imposing restrictions on entering the land by both sides.

The owner of the 3-acre land, Aungsa, is preparing to lodge a complaint with the police, it is learnt.

Hundreds of Jumma villagers gathered in the village of Pilabhanga to discuss possible actions over the settler trespass.

Iqbal has been trying to occupy this piece of land for a long time.

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