Monday, August 05, 2013

Army arrests one, settlers ransack 3 Jumma shops in Ramgarh

News No. 97/2013, Monday, August 05, 2013

THE ILLEGAL Bengali settlers have ransacked 3 Jumma shops at Toichakma in Ramgarh Upazila, while the army arrested a Democratic Youth Forum activist in Matiranga as a dawn-to dusk road blockade programme called by UPDF in Khagrachari district passed off peacefully.

The army personnel arrested Shushanta Tripura from Ballyachari Signboard area while picketing the roads. He has been handed over to the police.

This was his second arrest. He was first arrested on 8 June by BGB from Taipa area in Gomati, Matiranga and was released on bail a few days ago.

In Ramgarh, some settler youths from Dainchara ransacked three Jumma shops – two in Toichakma and one in Belchari, and took away one of the owners of the shops, Amendra Tripura.

They handed him over to Manikchari police station after beating.

About 200 settlers, who came in two jeeps from Dainchara, took part in the attack.

However, the UPDF-enforced road blockade programme passed off peacefully without any untoward incidents.


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