Saturday, August 03, 2013

Breaking News: Settler attack in Taindong: several hundred Jumma houses burnt
News No. 94/2013, Saturday, August 03, 2013

THE BENGALI settlers have burned down several hundred Jumma houses in Taindong in Matiranga in a deadly communal attack that have also forced thousands of Jumma villagers to take refuge in neighbouring Indian state of Tripura.

The attack, which began at 3pm today, is still continuing (at 5:30pm).

Various sources have said the settlers have set fire to houses in Bandor Sing Para, Boga Para, Monu Das Para and Laku Headman Para.

One unconfirmed report said 4-5 Jumma villagers have been killed in the preplanned attack. However, the could not give further details.

All the Jummas, mostly belonging to Tripura nationality, of these villagers have fled their homes and took shelter in neighbouring Indian state of Tripura.

Another report says the settlers have now entered the villages of Bhagaban Tila and Bandor Sing Para and begun looting.

“Four Jummas in Boga Para village have been severely beaten. Three of them have been identified as Bakul, Supayon and Fani Bhushan Tripura, a UP member in Taindong. The settlers have handed them over to the BGB.” the source has said.

Details of the attack are yet to emerge.

The UPDF in a statement has condemned the attack and demanded that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

The attack comes barely 48 hours after the settlers staged a midnight demonstration in Taindong bazaar chanting anti-Jumma slogans. (Read News No. 92)

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