Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Settler attack leaves 8 wounded in Lama

News No. 101/2013, Tuesday, September 10, 2013

AN attack on Jumma villagers in Lama Upazila under Bandarban district by illegal Bengali settlers on Monday left 8 injured, according to various sources.

Quoting the victims and eyewitnesses, the Prothom Alo, a Bengali daily, in its today’s issue said, “Terrorists patronized by Mojibul Haq, a notorious land grabber and accused in 15-16 criminal cases, carried out the attack on the indigenous peoples while they were working at their jum fields.”

The paper quoted Ushithoai Marma, an eyewitness, as saying: “About 30 – 35 terrorists split themselves into small bands and then attacked the Jumma people who were working at their jum fields and in their houses at Murungjhiri, Polijhiri, Tiarjhiri and Shankhajhiri. At first the attackers sprayed pepper powder on them and then struck them with sticks and sharpened weapons.”

The attackers also destroyed the houses of the victims. Eight wounded Jummas were admitted to Lama Upazila Health Complex for treatment, the Prothom Alo added.

Police said 13 persons had been arrested in connection with the attack and added that security had been stepped up in Hlasaipara area.

However, Jummas alleged that the Bengalis caught three Jumma villagers while they were on their way to hunting with homemade guns and then turned them over to the police.

According to Suprobhat Bangladesh, another Bengali daily published from Chittagong, at least 11 persons, including 3 Bengalis, were injured in the “clash” which took place at Murungjhiri area.

It identified the wounded as Mongchanu Marma, 25, Aung Hla Pru Marma, 26, Ushoi Hla Marma, 43, Choche Thui Marma, 25, Aungkyo Thoai Marma, 28, Mong Oaiu Marma, 35, Na Pru Marma, 28, Aungshey Thoai Marma, 24, Abdus Sukkur, 28, Md. Zahir, 32 and Md. Jamal, 26.

“Mojibul Haq and his gang have been trying to grab several hundred acres of land belonging to the local residents for a long time. The attack has been carried out in a planned way after we prevented their previous attempts to grab the land.” Suprobhat quoted Mongchanu Marma, a wounded victim, as saying.


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