Sunday, September 15, 2013

Teenage Jumma girl raped in Langudu
News No. 106/2013, Sunday, September 15, 2013

A MENTALLY challenged teenage girl has been reportedly raped by a Bengali settler Ojha or quack in Lanugdu, Rangamati.

The 13-year old, who has also been suffering from epilepsy, was raped on 11 September by Zahir Uddin aka ‘Hobu Shah’, an Ojha or quack, who took her to a banana plantation to ‘exorcise her of evil spirits’.

The girl’s father, Protyek Kumar Chakma, a resident of Purbo Rongipara village under Bogachatar Union, invited Zahir, 40, of East Rongipara Bangali Para, on 10 September to his home when the latter, introducing himself as an Ojha, told him that he could cure his daughter’s illness.

Zahir began his treatment at midnight by chanting incantations over her, and from midnight to 2am he offered three rounds of spells and incantations and stayed the night there.

At 9 in the morning, he gave the same treatment once again and then asked the girl to be bathed in the stream water.

When she was brought to him again after bathing her, Zahir said he would now have to take the girl alone to an intersection to cast a spell on her.

After Protyek Kumar agreed, Zahir took her to a banana plantation, half a kilometer from the house, raped her, and then fled.

2-3 hours after the incident, the girl’s father saw her on the road, crying. He brought her home and she told what the Ojha had done to her.

On 13 September, Protyek Kumar filed a case against Zahir, the fake sorcerer, under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act.

Sub-inspector of Longudu police station, Anjan Kumr Dey, said, ‘The girl has undergone medical test in Ramgamati and we are expecting the report soon. The rapist, Zahir, is absconding, but we are trying to arrest him.’

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