Monday, October 07, 2013

PCP activist kidnapped by Santu Group in Chittagong

News No. 120/2013, Monday, October 07, 2013

AN ACTIVIST of the Hill Students’ Council (PCP) has been kidnapped by members of the Santu Larma faction of the Jana Samhati Samiti in Bandar in Chittagong, a release issued by the organization says.

Nitimoy Chakma, a member of the PCP Dighinala College unit and also a first year student of the same college, was abducted from Barrister College area in Bandar Thana at 10pm yesterday, Sunday, as he went there to visit his friend Mintu Chakma, who works in a factory in the export processing zone.

His kidnappers called his parents in Dighinala by cell phone to ask for payment of Taka 50 thousand ($625) by today for his release.

Nitimoy’s father Birendra Kumar Chakma and his sister’s husband, Rajyo Dhan Chakma, came to Chittagong from their village Ghulchari in Dighinala to secure his release.

They said they went to the police station today to file a case and implored the police to help release Nitimoy, but the police refused to take any action.

The Santu Group men are notorious for their criminal activities in Barrister College area, where a large number of Jummas live. Previously, they kidnapped a Democratic Youth Forum leader, Lenin Chakma, while he, along with his friends, was collecting donation for the victims of a settler attack in 2011. He has not been traced since then and is believed to have been murdered.

The Santu loyalists have developed a good rapport with the local Bengali thugs, who provide them shelter and save them from public anger in exchange for regular payoffs.

Apart from kidnapping and intimidation of their political opponents, there are many other allegations against them, ranging from extortion to beating, rape and drug addiction.

They do not work and get their monthly pays from Santu Larma, the government-picked chairman of the CHT Regional Council, who has become a burden and liability for the Jumma people.

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