Thursday, May 15, 2014

Santu group, govt obstruct anti-land grab protest in Nakyongchari
News No. 10/2014, Thursday, May 15,­ 2014

SANTU group and the local administration are alleged to have colluded to obstruct a protest demonstration against pervasive land grabbing by outsiders as well as local powerful Bengali elites.

Leaders of Nakyongchari Land Protection Committee told that they called a protest demonstration in Nakyongchari town today to demand an end to illegal occupation of land and forcible eviction of the Jummas.

“But a local leader of the Santu group, Mong Mong Marma, has got in the way of it. He said they would not allow the Jummas to stage any protest demo in Nakyongchari.” Shuvo Chak, one of the organizers said.

However, Santu group’s ex-president of Nakyongchari Unit, Neocha Aung Marma, expressed solidarity with the organizers, which earned him ire from Santu Larma himself.

When Santu Larma ordered him to oppose the programme, Mr Neohcha Aung reportedly told him that the organizers are not doing anything illegal and that they have every right to do this.

“Santu Larma phoned Neocha Aung while we were holding a meeting with him. And we overheard Santu Larma telling him to oppose the demo.” A. C. Mong Marma, another organizer of the protest, told

In the meanwhile, Nakyongchari UNO, Shaha Belal Ahmed, in sync with the Santu group, refused to give permission to hold the rally.

The Land Protection Committee leaders have expressed outrage at the conduct of both the UNO and the Santu group leaders.


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