Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tripura youth beaten and arrested in Matiranga
News No. 14/2014, Sunday, May 18,­ 2014

A Tripura youth was beaten by Bengali settlers in Gomati Bazar in Matiranga before taking him into custody by security forces, locals said, adding he was later handed over to the police.

According to sources, Shato Ranjan Tripura, 27, son of Chondi Tripura of Reboti Karbari Para in Belchari Union visited Gomati bazaar at 7pm on Saturday.

While he was in the bazaar, a group of Bengali settlers caught him and began roughing him up without any reason.

At one point BGB personnel from Palashpur zone, who were patrolling the area, arrived there and took him into their custody.

Even then, the settlers tried to snatch Shato Ranjan Tripura from BGB men, who charged baton to disperse them, an eyewitness told

Later a group of army personnel from Matiranga zone went to Gomati bazaar, took him into their custody from BGB and then handed him over to Matiranga police station.

It could not be immediately known what charges have been brought against Mr. Tripura.

While Tripura was being roughed up, the settlers in and around Gomati bazaar began shouting, and at one point someone announced through a loudspeaker: “terrorists have come.”

They continued shouting till 9:30pm, creating panic in the Jumma neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, the local civil and military administration are alleged to have refused to give permission to Democratic Youth Forum to hold a commemorative meeting for Pancha Sen Tripura’s first death anniversary on the pretext of the prevailing ‘high tension’ in Gomati.

Pancha Sen Tripura, a DYF leader, was shot and killed a year ago in Matiranga by the hired goons of Santu Larma.


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