Monday, June 16, 2014

Road blockade over Babuchara BGB attack: police file cases against 200 activists
News No. 32/2014, Monday, June 16,­ 2014

THE police have filed three separate cases against over 200 Jumma activists for ‘attacks on police and vandalizing vehicles’ during a half-day road blockade enforced by UPDF-affiliated organizations today in Khagrachari district.

The road blockade programme was called to protest an unprovoked police-BGB attack on Jumma villagers in Babuchara who were protesting against the forcible land acquisition for a BGB battalion headquarts in Dighinala.

The cases have been filed with three police stations in Khagrachari, Guimara and Manikchari.

More than 2 hundred leaders and activists of the UPDF, Hill Students Council, Democratic Youth Forum and Hill Women’s Federation have been charged in a case filed with Khagrachari police station on Monday morning.

And in Guimara and Manikchari, the police filed another two cases against 15 Jumma activists for alleged vandalism during the road blockade.

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