Saturday, July 12, 2014

Five villagers tortured by army in Mahalchari
News No. 48/2014, Saturday, July 12,­ 2014

FIVE people, including four Buddhist devotees, have been reportedly tortured by army in Mahalchari, according to sources.

On Friday night, a joint forces led by army conducted an operation at Joutha Khamar village in Mahalchari in the name of searching four Bengali labourers allegedly disappeared from Bengmara area a few days ago.

At about 2am (Saturday) the soldiers encircled a Buddhist meditation centre in the village and forced Khukumoni Chakma, Rupayon Chakma, Ekrazi Chakma and Thoba Chakma out, subjected them to interrogation and beat them up.

They were observing Ostashila (meaning eight principles that include abstention from food and killing sentient beings) in the centre during the Full Moon day in the month of Ashara in Bengali calendar.

The army also tortured Kolenta Tripura, 25, son of Phashi Tripura and interrogated a female Buddhist monk going by the name of Shyamoli Chakma, popularly known as Sadhu-ma, during the operation, local villagers added.


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