Friday, July 25, 2014

Local admin violates pledge, police not withdrawn from Ujo bazar
News No. 54/2014, Friday, July 25,­ 2014

THE local administration has violated its own pledges to the people of Sajek that it would withdraw police personnel from Ujo bazaar and would not call in the army to patrol the area.

The Additional District Magistrate of Rangamati and Baghaichari UNO had made the pledges on Wednesday after the people blocked roads in protest against the local administration’s unlawful intervention in the installation of a statue of the Buddha on privately owned land and a conspiracy to evict Jumma villagers from their homestead by building a BGB battalion headquarters in Sajek.

In return for the government’s promise, the Jumma villagers agreed to postpone the installation of the statue.

But the local administration failed to withdraw the police personnel from the area, which constitutes a breach of the pledge made to the protesting Jumma people.

At present a dozen police personnel are present in the area to prevent the Jummas from installing the statue of the Buddha.

In addition, the army has also intensified patrolling of the area.

In this backdrop, there is a simmering resentment brewing among the Jumma people in Sajek.

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