Monday, August 04, 2014

Allegations of theft against army in Dighinala
News No. 59/2014, Monday, August 04,­ 2014

Army personnel posted in Babuchara sub-zone are reported to have stolen wood from a Jumma villager in Jarulchari under Dighinala Upazila.

The pilferage took place in broad daylight on Saturday, 2 August, the villagers have said.

A group of army personnel from Babuchara sub-zone in a pickup truck entered the tree garden belonging to Surobahu Chakma, 45, son of Boishysto Moni Chakma without taking his permission.

They cut down 2 teak trees and one mahogany tree, loaded them onto the pickup and then sped away.

Surobahu learnt of the incident a few minutes after the theft, but stopped short of making any complaint with the police.

His tree garden is situated just north of Jarulchari army camp.


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