Friday, August 22, 2014

Two Jummas tortured by army in Laxmichari

News No. 68/2014, Friday, August 22,­ 2014

TWO innocent villagers have been tortured by army and Borkha Party terrorists in Laxmichari, sources say.

According to local sources, a group of army personnel from Laxmichari zone raided two villages, Hazachari and Chongrachari, approximately 8 miles north of Laxmichari Upazila headquarters, and arrested them from their homes.

The arrested have been identified as Guringya Chakma, 25, son of Bali Dhan Chakma of village Hazachari under Dullyatoli Union No. 2, and Borpeda Chakma, 35, son of Laxmi Dhan Chakma, of village Chongrachari under Sindukchari Union of Mahalchari Upazila.

A member of the military-backed Borkha Party, Jyoti Chakma aka Mokko, son of late Natun Sen Chakma of village Rannyamahcara under Dullyatoli Union, assisted the army in arresting them.

He accompanied the army during the whole operation.

When the arrested Jummas were being taken away, a widow, known as Zharna Ma, from Lambachara village saw them and protested against their arrest, telling the army that ‘they are innocent people’. She also asked the soldiers why they had been arrested.

At this point the Borkha man, Jyoti Chakma, butted in, saying ‘these people help the terrorists.’

After that, the army tied the two men to a jackfruit tree with a rope in Zharna Ma’s courtyard and beat them severely.

The Borkha man is also said to have taken part in the beating that left them seriously wounded.

After the beating, the army personnel and the Borkha man went back to their camps in Laxmichari, leaving them behind.

Borkha Party is a vigilante group formed by army in Laxmichari in mid-2009 to counter the growing influence of the UPDF.

Since then, the Borkha has suffered many setbacks with peoples’ resistance to their criminal activities growing.

Against this backdrop, the Santu group entered on the scene and began supporting the Borkha Party.


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