Sunday, September 28, 2014

Athlete searched by army in Naniachar
News No. 84/2014, Sunday, September 28,­ 2014

A FOOTBALL player belonging to Krishnama Chara team was searched by an army officer after a match in Bogachari under Nanaiachar of Rangamati district, creating resentment among the players.

Officials of Chouddha Mile Bolpeiya Club, organizer of the football match, confirmed the incident, saying: ‘A group of army personnel led by Warrant Officer Sultan from Islampur camp was engaged to look after the law and order during a football tournament that was kicked off yesterday, Saturday. The first match of the tournament was held between the two teams of Krishnama Chara and Dojor Para.’

He went on to say: ‘After the match, when everyone was leaving the playground, the army personnel forced Binoy Chakma, a player from Krishnama Chara team, to stay back and searched his bag frantically.’

Nothing incriminating was found, and the players viewed the search as an insult and harassment, with many of them saying they might not participate in the next matches.

So far, the concerned army officer has not apologized for the action of his soldiers.


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