Thursday, September 04, 2014

One kidnapped by Santu group in Baghaichari
News No. 75/2014, Thursday, September 04,­ 2014

AN INNOCENT Jumma villager, Bikram Chakma, 35, son of Sneha Kumar Chakma, was kidnapped by an armed terrorist gang sponsored by Santu Larma in Baghaichari yesterday.

According to sources, on Wednesday night, 3 September, a group of 10-15 armed men led by Nikhil Chakma and Monimoy Chakma, raided Pagojyachari village and kidnapped Bikram Chakma at gun point from his home.


As of 9am, today, no trace of him has been found, nor could his kidnappers be contacted.

It is not immediately known why the armed gang, loyal to Santu Larma, targeted him.


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