Sunday, September 28, 2014

Teacher tries to rape girl student in Barkal
News No. 83/2014, Sunday, September 28,­ 2014

A class three student was reportedly subjected to an attempted rape by her teacher in Barunachari Government Primary School under Subolong Union of Barkal Upazila, according to

According to local villagers and victim’s parents, on Monday, Rafiqul Islam, the headmaster of Barunachari Govt. Primary School, took the girl student to his office room after the class break and then tried to rape her.

When she screamed, her classmates went to her help, and Rafiqul let go of her, but warned her not to tell the incident to anyone.

But the students informed their parents about it, prompting the villagers to call an arbitration to question both the headmaster and the victim.

Confirming the holding of arbitration, Bimal Kanti Chakma, chairman of school management committee, said, ‘The headmaster confessed to the attempted rape and begged for forgiveness.’

Norsing Chakma, a village elder, echoed him, demanding actions against Rafiqul Islam.

The victim’s father said he was shocked to hear the news and added, ‘Teachers command enormous respect in our society. But if our girl students are not safe with the teachers, then where they should be?’

He and other parents demanded exemplary punishment for the headmaster to prevent recurrence of such ugly incidents.

However, Rafiqul denied having committed the crime, saying a vested interest group had been conspiring against him.

Md. Abul Bashar Shamsuzzaman, Upazila Primary Education Officer, said that he had been informed of the incident and added that he would investigate the matter and take legal actions against the headmaster in question if he is found guilty.


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