Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Bengali settlers block roads in Rangamati
News No. 85/2014, Wednesday, October 01,­ 2014

Tensions have flared up in Naniachar as the Bengali settlers blocked roads after they failed to occupy lands belonging to Jumma villagers in the area.

Local sources have said that a group of Bengali settlers from Bogachari went to Sotoro Mile on Wednesday morning to cut trees belonging to Jumma villagers, who resisted and drove the intruders away.

Following this incident, the settlers blocked roads at Bogachari, stopped passenger buses and beat up the drivers.

The identity of those beaten could not be immediately known.

Vehicular movement on Khagrachari – Rangamati road remains suspended due to the impromptu blockade, while police have been deployed to the area, according to sources.


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