Sunday, October 19, 2014

PCP activist arrested in Panchari
News No. 97/2014, Sunday, October 19,­ 2014

GANO MITRA CHAKMA, 18, a member of the Hill Students’ Council, was arrested by police on Saturday in Panchari apparently over the alleged theft of a rifle from police.

He is the third to be arrested in connection with the theft on 3 October while the policemen were on duty at a Durga Puja festival at Kuradiachara in Panchari Upazila.

On Friday, the police arrested Shukho Moy Chakma, 40, a member of the M. N. Larma faction of the JSS, which is widely suspected of involvement in the theft.

Earlier, on 12 October, Sushomoy Chakma, a member of the Democratic Youth Forum, was arrested from Panchari bazaar without a warrant.

Gano Mitra Chakma, son of Gojendra Chakma, was arrested from Kolabagan area in Panchari Sadar, again without a warrant of arrest. He is an active member of the PCP Panchari unit.

It is not known whether the police have brought charges against him.

Police and army have been carrying out a joint operation to find out the lost rifle, searching houses, harassing people and arresting innocents.

UPDF leaders in Panchari expressed concern over the arrest and harassment of innocent people in the name of operation.

“We want the rifle to be recovered, but harassment and arrest of innocent people is not acceptable.” a UPDF leader said, adding that none of their members is involved in the theft of the rifle.

He said the theft of the rifle from a Jumma police personnel might be part of a broader conspiracy to deny the CHT a mixed police force.


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