Friday, November 07, 2014

BGB tries to rape Jumma woman
News No. 103/2014, Friday, November 7, 2014

A Jumma woman was subjected to an attempted rape by a Border Guard Bangladesh personnel in Sajek of Baghaichari Upazilla in Rangamati District on Monday.

According to the victim the incident took place on 3 November when she and two other Jumma women went to a hilly stream nearby their village, Bhushan Karbari Para.

As they were taking bath, five BGB personnel from Shialdai camp went to the same stream.

"Three of the five BGB personnel went back to the camp after taking bath, leaving behind the other two." she said.

" Then one BGB man sat close to me and said something in Bangla which I did not understand, and I told him in our Tripura language that I do not understand Bangla." she added.

She said as she was climbing up the hill after bath and carrying water-filled plastic bottles, the said BGB man, who was later identified as Rafiqul, grabbed and attempted to rape her.

As she screamed, the BGB man let go of her, and she strode back home.

When she told the incident to the village folks, the youths went to the BGB camp taking the victim and her elder sister and made a strong protest.

The victim, wife of Korno Ram Tripura, identified the perpetrator while the angry youth gave him a good thrashing.

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