Friday, December 19, 2014

BGB secures release of 54 Jummas held up by settlers

News No. 114/2014, Friday, December 19,­ 2014

THE Bengali settlers held up 54 Jumma men and women for a few hours in Shilhaba Chara area in Longudu Upazila on Thursday before the Border Guard Bangladesh personnel intervened for their release.

According to sources, the Jummas were temporarily storing their produce such as ginger, turmeric and banana in a shop at Shilhaba Chara bazaar to be taken later to Subolong bazaar on Friday, the weekly market day, for their ultimate sale.

At that time, a group of unruly settlers held them up in the bazaar obviously without any reason whatsoever.

Most of the Jummas hailed from the villages of Kusumchari Doujori Para and Noapara of Barkal Sadar Union and Khagrachari village of Longudu Upazila.

Some of the held-up Jummas were identified as Jogot Jyoti Chakma, 40, Dari Chakma, 42, Pradeep Kumar Chakma, 40, Satyo Kumar Chakma, Surendra Chakma, 16, Rintu Chakma, 18, Russel Chakma, 15, Bimol Shushi Chakma, 33, Hegera Chakma 32 and Nedima Chakma 29.

Abdul Karim and Abul Kamal Chowdhury, Officers-in-charge of Barkal and Longudu police stations respectively, confirmed the incident, saying ‘It was a misunderstanding between the Jummas and the settlers, but the BGB and Longudu Thana administration have resolved the issue.’

‘There is no problem there now’ he added.


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