Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Marma girl killed after rape in Kaptai

News No. 110/2014, Tuesday, December 16,­ 2014

A TEENAGE Marma girl has been killed after rape in Kaptai, Rangamati district, police and other sources have said.

The incident took place yesterday (Monday) at noon when Chobi Marma alias Umaching, a 14-year-old school girl, had gone to their jum field in Bengchari.

Later in the day, the local villagers recovered her body which bore a deep cut mark on her throat.

“They just slit her throat like a chicken to bleed her to death”, one villager told chtnews.com.

Her father Onu Mong Marma alleged that she was killed after rape and demanded justice for her daughter.

He said Chobi Marma had just attended this year’s JSC (Junior School Certificate) exams from Chitmorom High School in Kaptai.

According to a Facebook status, two Bengali settler youth, Mizan and Rana, killed Chobi Marma after they failed to rape her.

Officer-in-charge of Kaptai police station, Harun-or Rashid, confirmed the incident, saying her body had been recovered from a hill top.

“We assume that the miscreants killed her after they failed to rape her. The police are investigating the matter on the basis of this assumption.” he further said.


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