Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santu group attempts to burn down houses in Dighinala

News No. 112/2014, Wednesday, December 17,­ 2014

ARMED men loyal to Santu Larma made a failed attempt to set fire to the houses of two UPDF members last night (16 December) in Babuchara under Dighinala Upazila.

According to sources, a group of armed men belonging to Santu Larma faction of the Jana Samhati Samiti raided the village of Kiang-ghat at 10:50pm and tried to set on fire two houses belonging to Montu Chakma and Milon Chakma.

The Santu loyalists fired few rounds of blank shots to stir panic before setting fire and then ran away.

But the neighbours rushed and doused the fire, saving the houses from burning down.

The incident comes barely 15 hours after an arson attack in Betchari of Rangamati district in which 57 houses and shops belonging to Jumma people were set on fire by illegal Bengali settlers.


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