Thursday, January 22, 2015

Army attempt to arrest Jummas fails as villagers resist
News No. 08/2015, Thursday, January 22, 2015

The villagers in Belchari, Ramgarh on Thursday resisted an army attempt to arrest three Jummas over a land dispute with “ Krishi Cosmic Ltd.”  better known as Dhaka Company, which has a track record of  occupying Jumma’s land in Ramgarh through  forgery and coercion.
According to sources,  a group of army personnel from Batnatoli Camp on Thursday chased Manindra Tripura, 55, ( son of late Choyaram Tripura of  Belchari village), Nishi Kumar Tripura , 36, ( son of Charan Kumar Tripra from Belchari village) and Jagot Chandra Tripura, 70, (son of late Kanta Tripura of Shadupara village) while they were cutting down trees in their own lands, over which the Dhaka Company also claims ownership.
Then the soldiers sorrounded the village of Sadhupara and rounded up Arun Tripura, 22, Jagot Chandra Tripura 70, (son of late Kanta Tripura) and his brother Gotindra Tripura, 45, from there.
When the news of their arrest became known, hundreds of villagers, men and women, gathered and put up resistance against the army’s unlawful action.
The villagers made a strong protest and argued with the army.
In the face of resistance, the army was forced to set the three arrested villagers free. However, they threattened the Jummas not to enter the ‘disputed land’ until the issue of ownership is settled.
The “disputed land” measuring 9.5 acres is owned by there Jummas – namely, Manindra Tripura (5 acres), Nishi Kumar Tripura 2 acres and Jagaat Chandra Tripura 2:5 acres. In 2011, the Dhaka Company suddenly laid a claim on their lands after collecting ‘Kobulyat’ (file document) through forgery.


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