Monday, April 27, 2015

Two arrested by police in Dighinala

News No. 57/2015, Monday, April 27,­ 2015

THE POLICE on Sunday arrested two Jummas in Dighinala in a false case filed in connection with the 10 June 2014 incident in which dozens of villagers were injured in a deliberate attack by the BGB.

Montu Chakma, 31, a CNG auto rickshaw driver and son of Surjo Chandra Chakma from Nuapara village, was arrested from Babuchara bazaar, while Colonel Chakma, 27, a jeep driver, was arrested at 2 p.m. when he went to Boalkhali bazaar.

They have been arrested for their alleged involvement in an attack on the BGB on 10 June last year in Babuchara.

According to local villagers, many Jummas were injured when the BGB launched the 10 June 2014 attack to drive them out of their lands.

“The BGB attacked us, injured us, drove us from our land and then filed false cases against us. This is how the government treats with us.” an exasperated Jumma resident told chtnews.

“Now they are making drives to arrest innocent people.” he added.

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