Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Delhi-based Buddhist monk procures 41 hand grenades for Santu Group

News No. 97/2015: Wednesday, July 01, 2015

THE Santu Larma faction of The Jana Samhati Samiti has added 41 hand grenades to its arsenal, thanks to a Buddhist monk based in New Delhi, India.

According to sources, Karunalankar Bhikkhu, a Jumma Buddhist monk from the Chittagong Hill Tracts but settled in New Delhi, is one of the main procurers of arms for Santu Group, which, with the support of the Bangladesh army, has been trying to crush UPDF through armed violence.

Karunalankar Bhikkhu is alleged to have procured 41 hand grenades from Bodo insurgents in Assam couple of weeks ago.

The hand grenades were smuggled into the CHTs through Indian state of Tripura via Churaibari point at Assam-Tripura border. For the transportation of the hand grenades, Karunalankar bribed local Indian officials who escorted them up to Gandhachara in Tripura, reliable sources told

Earlier, in 2015, Karunalankar Bhikkhu had taken money for 50 grenades from Santu Larma but delivered only four and got away by blaming the Bodo insurgents for not delivering the same after taking the money.

The rest of the money was used for partying.

Karunalankar Bhikkhu maintains regular contacts with anti-India insurgent groups including the Bodos.

A revered Buddhist monk in CHT who sought anonymity stated, ''Karulankar Bhikkhu is not a monk even if he wears a robe. He openly boasts himself as the Vice President of the Jumma Liberation Army, next to Santu Larma, and how he buys the arms for the JSS. There are many professions which are considered sinful in Buddhism. When a Buddhist monk engages in arms smuggling with the sole intention of killing people, his place in the hell is secured! It is a matter of time unless he does something drastic like Angulimaal.”

“It is the responsibility of thegovernments of India and Bangladesh to take urgent measures to intercept such arms smuggling as innocent people are killed” stated another Buddhist monk, who also wished to remain unanimous for security concern.

He also appealed to the Indian insurgent groups to stop aiding JSS (Santu faction), which has already degenerated into a band of despicable collaborators with the Bangladesh Army.

The following pictures speak volume about Karunalankar Bhikkhu’s involvement in arms smuggling.
Karualankar Bhikkhu discussing plan in New Delhi, India with Santu Group vice president Ushaton Talukder M. P. to smuggle arms into the CHTs for Santu Group.
Karunalankar Bhikkhu boarding Indian Airlines at Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi for procuring arms in Assam via Tripura.
Sonyak Chakma with Santu Group supremo Santu Larma. Sonayak is also seen with Karunalankar Bhikkhu in the photo above.
Karunalankar Bhikkhu inside the aircraft. 
Karunalankar Bhikkhu with the vehicle carrying 41 grenades.
Karunalankar Bhikku - Selfie time before reaching Indo-Bangla border.
Karunalankar Bhikku at a Chakma village, Gandhachar side, Tripura.
Karunalankar Bhikkhu at a fence gate on India – Bangladesh border to handover the grenades to the Santu Group men, who are seen waiting on the other side of the border fence, while two BSF personnel are seen opening the gate for the Bhikkhu.

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