Monday, July 06, 2015

Two Jummas arrested in Kudukchari

News No. 103/2015: Monday, July 06, 2015

THE ARMY arrested a Jumma shopkeeper and a villager yesterday in Kudukcahri, Rangamati after the soldiers had found 26 rounds of live bullets they themselves had planted in the shop.

According to eyewitnesses’ accounts, at around 10: 30 a.m. a group of army personnel led by Major Raqib, commander of Kudukchari army camp, went to the shop of Manob Jyoti Chakma at Half bazaar, near Kudukchari bazar and put a packet on the floor under a bench.

The shop was crowded with people as it was a marked day, and no one suspected the army of any ill motive, or design.

Then the army searched the shop and found the bullets inside the packet they had planted.

The soldiers then arrested Manob Jyoti Chakma (30) son of late Chunni Lal Chakma, the owner of the shop, and seven others present at his shop.
They are Binimoy Chakma (28) son of Shanti Ranjan Chakma from village Chongrachari, Kudukchari Clinton Chakma (28) son of Bshwa Moni Chakma, Sona Raj Chakma (22) son of Ananda Lal Chakma, Intu Chakma (22) son of Nironjeeb Chakma and his brother Mintu Chakma (17).
They all came from Chongrachari to buy daily necessities from bazaar.
They army took all of them to Kudukchari camp and later released all but Manob Jyoti Chakma, the shopkeeper, and Binimoy Chakma.


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