Thursday, August 06, 2015

Manikchari Land Protection Committee leader arrested
News No. 123/2015: Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ramgarh-Manikchari Land Protection Committee leader Ruiching Pru Marma has been arrested from Halfchari in Ramgarh, Khagrachari for protesting illegal land grabbing by the army and Bengali settlers.

A group of army personnel from Sindukchari zone and Manikcharisub-zone arrested Ruiching from his home during a raid in the village of North Halfchari in the small hours (2:30 a. m.) today, Thursday, 6 July.

He has been taken to Guimara brigade for interrogation, the army said.

Mr. Marma is the Member Secretary of the newly formed Manikchari-Ramgarh Land Protection Committee and has played a leading role in organizing local people to defend their land from illegal grabbing by Bengali settlers and army.

The army also tortured Saching Marma (25) son of  Athuichai Marma, Aungri Marma (35) son of Boli Marma, Sathoai Marma (30) son of Chaila Aung Marma (he is a member of the government-run village Defense  Police) and Uchajai Marma (25)  son of Rampruchai  Marma.

The army man also raided the house of Niong Marma (Karbari), convenor of Ramgarh- Manikchari Land Protection Committee to arrest him, but he was able to escape.

The latest incident followed yesterday’s land grabbing attempt by the army and Bengali settlers in the area.

The Manikchari-Ramgarh Land Protection Committee blocked Kharachari-Chittagong-Dhaka road for six hours until 12 noon today to protest illegal grabbing.


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