Friday, November 06, 2015

PCP leader’s house searched in Manikchari
News No.169/2015: Friday, November 06, 2015

THE army on Thursday searched a house rented by a leader of the Hill Student Council, better known by its Bengali acronym PCP, in Manikchari ,Khagrachari, PCP  sources said .

A group of army personnel from Manikchari subzone carried out the search at 3pm on 5 November.

A female student of Manikchari Giri Maitri College and vice president of the PCP Giri Maitri College unit, Reshmi Marma, rented the house.
The army men threw her books, clothes and other things around.
The search, which was believed to have been carried out to intimidate her, came after she spoke at a human chair formed by local villagers in the morning to demand the withdrawal of a army camp set up on a Jumma villeger’s land in Manadong Para, Manikchari.

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