Saturday, December 26, 2015

School girl arrested by army in Guimara

News No.185/2015: Saturday, December 26, 2015

A 16-YEAR-OLD school girl was arrested by army on Saturday from Balyachari in Guimara of Khagrachari district, according to sources.

The army arrested Namita Chakma, a 10th grade student of Guimara High School, after they failed to arrest the participants of a rally organised by local UPDF unit in observance of its seventeenth founding anniversary.

We were returning home after holding the rally at Balyachari Rubber Plantation No. 2 when the army chased us. But all of us ran away, and the soldiers picked up the girl from the road. one of the participants told

We dont know where she has been taken he added.

Her father Rashik Kumar Chakma, a resident of Buddha Dhan Karbari Para, said he was fearing for her safety and well being and demanded that she be released immediately without harm.


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