Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jumma houses burnt, looted in Fatikchari

News No. 07/2016: Thursday, January 14, 2016

AT least seven houses belonging to Jumma people have been burnt down when a group of Bengali miscreants carried out an attack on the village of Sarkari Dheva in Kanchanpur under Fatikchari Upazila on Wednesday.

According to sources, Bengalis from Kanchanpur were instigated and abated by the officials of the BRAC-run Karnaphuli Tea Estate, who claimed the lands of Sarkari Dheva to be owned by the tea estate.

“Over one hundred Bengali people carried out the attack at 2:15pm, and they burnt down seven houses and looted and vandalized eight others.” one of the victims told

“We have been living here for many years and we have no enmity with the Bengalis,” he said and alleged that Illius Ahmmed, manager of the tea estate, had led the attack.

“He is the one who incited the Bengalis to attack us. He has used the innocent Bengalis to drive us out.” he added.

Some police personnel from Fatikchari Thana were also present during the attack, but they did nothing to prevent the attackers.

The houses burnt belong to Dev Kumar Chakma (45), Amit Kumar Chakma (30), Gyana Chakma (27), Amar Jyoti Chakma (23), Lintu Chakma (35), Babullya Chakma (45) and Suresh Chakma (30).

The houses looted and vandalized by the attackers belong to Buddha Moni Chakma (65), Santu Chakma (30), Morochcho Chakma (35), Lengu Chakma (40), Kengera Chakma (30), Junath Chakma (45), Sujendra Chakma (35) and Basanta Chakma (32).

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