Sunday, May 15, 2016

House searched by army in Naniachar

News No.41/2016: Sunday, May 15, 2016

THE army on Friday searched a house belonging to a Jumma in Hugurmara village under Burighat Union of Naniachar Upazila, according to sources.

A group of 40 – 50 army personnel from Islampur camp carried out the search on Friday morning, May 13. The army was accompanied by Md Salam, a member of Burighat Union Council.

The soldiers broke into the house of Dhana Bikash Chakma and then searched every corner of it, turning it upside down.

However they found nothing incriminating, but took away eleven dishes, Taka 100 and some paper documents including his son Gyana Bikash Chakma’s national ID card and the entry card for SSC exam.

In another incident, UP member Md Salam took the army to Hugurmara village and snatched away a mobile handset from Anu Bikash Chakma, 35. Salam was dressed in military uniform during the raid, eyewitnesses said.


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