Thursday, June 02, 2016

Army searches houses including that of UP candidate in Ghagra

News No.45/2016: Thursday, June 02, 2016

THE army searched the houses of a Union Council chairman candidate and six others in Ghagra, Rangamati, on Thursday, according to sources.

A group of army personnel from Champatoli camp went to Junumachara village at 12 noon and carried out the searches.

Jagadish Chakma, a candidate for the chairmanship of Ghagra Union Council, was busy campaigning at Kaokhali bazaar when the search was being conducted.

On hearing the news of the search, he rushed back home and demanded of the army to explain the reason of the search.

The army failed to give any satisfactory answer for their action and went back to their camp.

The soldiers also searched six more houses in the village, one of them belonging to Jagadish Chakma, but is let out to others.

The rest five belong to Haridhar Chakma, Shubho Moni Chakma, Joheli Bap, Dibor Chakma and Chuzu Bap, a retired army personnel.

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