Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Jumma girl kidnapped in Lama

News No.44/2016: Wednesday, June 01, 2016

A 13-YEAR-OLD girl named Hlachai Marma reportedly disappeared on May 24 in Lama in the southern district of Bandarban when she went out of her house for a sleepover at her grandmother’s home.

Her father Aungcha Pru Marma said he believed his daughter, a class eight student of Haragaza Junior High School, had been kidnapped, and filed a case with Lama police station against Mizan (21), Monshur Alam (22), Jashim (19), Monzur (18), Mizan (20) and Hashon (25) in this connection. (Case No. 11, dated May 27, 2016)

Earlier he had complained to the local UP chairman and sought his intervention to rescue his daughter.

Aungsha, a resident of Saperghata village under Phanshiakhali Union, said the victim’s grandmother’s house is in the same village and that his daughter had gone out as usual at 7 pm to sleep overnight at her grandma’s house.

“But we could not know until next morning that she was not at her grandma’s house” he said.

“When she did not return in the morning, we got alarmed and began searching for her.” he went on to say.

The father further told reporters that when his elder daughter had gone to fetch water from a nearby stream on May 30 at 2 pm, some of the accused threatened her saying, ‘If we are harassed we will pick you up like we picked up your sister.’

Meanwhile, the investigative officer of Lama police station, Harun-ar-Rashid, said that operation was underway to rescue the girl.

“I am hopeful, we’ll find her out very soon.” he said. But so far, none of the accused has been arrested.


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