Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jumma house searched in Alutila

News No.52./2016: Tuesday, June 21, 2016

THE army on Monday broke into and searched a house belonging to a Jumma motorbike driver at Alutila, a local tourist attraction, some two kilometers south-west of Khagrachari town.

Eight army personnel from Alutila camp carried out the search at 10 am, according to sources.

Swapan Tripura, 32, son of Dino Bosu Tripura, the owner of the house, and his family were away for work when the search conducted.

‘The house was locked from outside, as the family was away, and so the soldiers broke into it and then searched.’ Swapan’s neighbours told chtnews.com.

‘The troops asked us about Swapan and if we knew anyone from the UPDF party, and we told them that Swapan is a good person and a motorbike driver who earns an income by carrying passengers on motorbike.’ he continued.

The army found nothing incriminating and went back to their camp.


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