Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Three Jumma villagers tortured in Naniachar
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Three innocent Jumma villagers including a village head (Karbari) were tortured during military raids in several villages in Naniachar Upazila of Rangamati district.

According to sources, on 7 October, at 9 a. m., hundreds of Bangladesh Army personnel from Khagrachari and Guimara regional camps carried out massive house searches in Forest Office area, Ataro Mile, Jorbo Majhon Para and Tibirachari Para village under Naniachar Upazila.

The army said they were searching for UPDF activists.

However affected villagers told that the soldiers went to Tibirachari Para and asked Onaw Chakma, the Karbari of head of the village, about the UPDF activists.

‘As he failed to give any information about UPDF members, the army tortured him physically’, an eyewitness told requesting anonymity for security concerns.

‘The Karbari fell on to the ground unconscious and when his son Kalo Bikash Chakma came forward to save him, the soldiers beat him as well.’ he further said.

Then the armymen went to the house of Sobbey Chakma, Onaw Chakma’s neigbour, and tortured him in the same fashion.

The soldiers also searched the house of Tapan Chakma, who was not available at home at the time, and interrogated his wife Sushmita Chakma and Ritayon Chakma, a college student, in the village.

The soldiers threw away Ritayon’s books and other household belongings on to the ground.

On their way back, the army searched another house belonging to Anil Chakma in Jorbo Majhon Para and smashed his household belongings.


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