Thursday, November 02, 2017

UPDF member arrested in Laxmichari
News No. 11/2017 : Thursday, November 02, 2017

A member of the United People's Democratic Front (UPDF) was arrested from a village in Laxmichari on Tuesday.

According to saurces, a group of army personnel led by Captain Mehedi from Laxmichari zone raided a house in the village of Morachenge Mukh Para, two kilometers south of Laxmichari bazar, and arrested Amar Bikash Chakma, 35, an activist of the UPDF.

The soldiers also took away the owner of the house, Suresh Chakma, but released him a few hours later.

Narrating the incident Suresh Chakma said, 'The soldiers come in two motorbikes and two pickup trucks on Tuesday night, arround 1 a.m. and encircled my house. They dragged Amar Bikash Chakma out of the house at 4 am.'

Suresh said the army had not found any firearms in Amar's possession, and added: 'one of the pickup trucks went back to somewher and then come back a few minutes later. After that the army placed a gun in his hands.'

Amar was subjected to imhuman torture, including water boarding, Suresh said.

Later the army handed Amar to the police and filed a case under Arms and Explosives Act with Laxmichari police station.

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