Thursday, November 17, 2011

Borkha Party kidnaps 3 in Laxmichari
News No. 154/2011, November 17, 2011

THREE Jumma villagers have been kidnapped by Borkha Party terrorists in Laxmichari under Khagrachari district.

The incident took place at midnight last night. According to sources, a group of 12 – 14 Borkha Party men from Laxmichari Sadar raided the village of Shuknachari under Bermachari Union and kidnapped the villagers.

The kidnappees have been identified as Shanti Kumar Chakma, 45, son of late Bidyadhar Chakma, Ananda Chakma, 46, son of late Biraj Moni Chakma and Suresh Kanti Chakma, 38, son of Ranjan Mohan Chakma.

The terrorists also took away mobile phone sets from Nukya Chakma, Shadin Kumar Chakma, Lalit Kumar Chakma, Dhana Kumar Chakma, Rajendra Chakma, Babul Kanti Chakma and his wife.

The Borkha Party is a vigilante group backed by Bangladesh Military and Jana Samhati Samiti (Santu faction). It has been created to counter the growing influence of the United Peoples Democratic Front (UPDF) in the area.

The Borkhas carry out their terrorist activities from Jurgachari, only 200 yards from Laxmichari police station.

Since July 2009, they have killed 2 persons including an UPDF leader, kidnapped 18 and beat up 50 villagers.

On 21 October, members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) raided their den at Jurgachari and recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunitions and arrested one. Another terrorist was also killed in the attack.

But the attack failed to eliminate Borkha Party terror. It continues to enjoy support from the local civil and military administration.

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