Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Army conducts house searches in Ramgarh

News No. 38/2012, Tuesday, June 05, 2012

THE ARMY conducted searches in five houses in the village of Toichakma under Ramgarh Upazila in Khagrachari district, according to sources.

The searches were carried out by a group of army soldiers from Sindukchari zone in the wee hours of 27 May.

The army personnel first surrounded the houses and then woke the villagers up.

They then searched the houses of Nandibala Tripura wife of late Laxmi Kumar Tripura, Forai Tripura son of unknown, Laiti Tripura wife of late Nir Chandra Tripura, Prohor Laxmi Tripura wife of late Dant Kumar Tripura and Pancha Joy Tripura son of Naba Kumar Tripura, but found nothing incriminating.

The soldiers turned everything upside down in the houses, and misbehaved with Nandibala Tripura, one of the victims said.

The army personnel also interrogated the villagers as to whether any ‘armed terrorists’ had come to their village and whether they knew where the ‘terrorists’ live.

Local UPDF leaders say they believe the searches aimed at terrorizing and intimidating the Jumma people in the area.

“The army wants to make people to live in constant fear so that they don’t dare stand up against injustices.’ he added.

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