Thursday, August 30, 2012

Army films fake extortion in Dighinala
News No. 71/2012, Thursday, August 30, 2012

AN army officer has forced two Jumma youths to play extortionists and then filmed the scenes on his video camera in Dighinala under Khagrachari district.

According to sources, on Wednesday, 29 August, at about 5pm, Captain Zakaria from Dighinala cantonment drove to Mieni Resort, took two Jumma employees -- Tutruk Chakma alias Bitu and Subhagyo Chakma – out on the road and then forced them to play the role of an extortionist.

‘They were forced to act out a scene where they stop a motorbike and demand toll from its Bengali driver.’ an eyewitness told

The captain filmed and photographed the scene – the mock extortion.

After that, Zakaria’s next shooting spot was at Kalabagan – Arun Shanti Chakma’s shop.

There, he first told Chakma to stand on the road, and then, after placing a mobile handset and Taka 1,000 into the hands of Promod Mutshuddi, an ethnic Bengali, asked him (Promod) to walk on the road.

Then the captain asked Chakma to snatch away the mobile handset and the money from the Bengali.

However, Arun Shanti Chakma smelt a rat and refused to act out the scene. Consequently, the captain’s plan to film a fake scene of a Jumma hijacking a Bengali fell flat.

After that, he took back the phone and the money form Promod and went on to film his last scene at Larma Square in Dighinala Upazila headquarters.

The army officer videoed and photographed some of the JSS (M. N. Larma faction) activists there and went back to Merung at 7pm.

It is not known why captain Zakaria has turned into a film producer, but those who were forced to act in the scenes fear that he might use the films and photographs in harm’s way.


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