Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Borkha Party kidnaps two villagers in Laxmichari
News No. 57/2012, Wednesday, August 01, 2012

THE Santu group-backed Borkha Party terrorists have kidnapped two villagers in a raid in Laxmichari under Khagrachari district, sources have said.

They were abducted at gun point from their homes last night. The army accompanied the Borkha men during the raid, victims’ relatives alleged.

According to sources, on Tuesday night, 31 July (about 1 a. m. to be precise), a group of army personnel from Laxmichari zone and members of Borkha Party carried out a joint raid in the villages of Morachengi Mukh Para and Jotindra Karbari Para under Laxmichari Union No. 1 and abducted Jyoti Moy Chakma, 30, son of Raj Kumar Chakma and Karuna Chakma, 32, son of Probin Chakma.

‘They went there in a vehicle, and while the army kept patrolling the roads, the Borkha terrorists entered the victims’ homes and took them away.’ a local activist said.

When the victims’ family members contacted Borkha Party in the morning today, its ring leaders denied their involvement in the incident, adding to the anxiety for the safety of the abductees.

Karuna Chakma’s younger brother Doaya Chakma told ‘At first I heard the sound of a rumbling vehicle. It pulled up a few distance from our house. A few minutes later two Jumma youths carrying firearms came to our house and took my brother away.’

He added: ‘About half an hour later the army men came to our house, stayed a few minutes and then went away’.

Jyoti Moy Chakma’s wife Jobona Chakma said, ‘The terrorists came to our house at night. They were five of them. Two of them entered the house while the rest stood outside. I could recognize two of them; one is Shyamal Kanti Chakma and the other Ripon Chakma. They just entered the house and took my husband away at gun point.’

She said army soldiers were seen at the tea shop of Jotindra Karbari Para as the Borkha terrorists were taking her husband away.

The latest terrorist action came after a lull following the death of their kingpin, Anil Chakma, in a daring commando-style attack on 19 May in Laxmichari.

The Borkha Party is backed by both army and the Santu group and is responsible for criminal activities including the killing of Rui Khoi Marma, a UPDF central committee member, and a deserter of the gang.

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